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 a few dreams to share

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PostSubject: a few dreams to share   Sat Jan 13, 2007 6:22 am


I was a young boy in a castle and it seemed like the dream had been going on for a long time but I don’t remember the first half of it. I was trying to become knight or something like a knight. Twice I went to “get advice” from this giant Reptile creature. It was like an alligator but with a hood like a cobra and all shiny green. It was always looking at me from across a fire. It had two hands on one arm and one on the other but it looked like there were no humanoid fingers. The hands were just curved. There were big rings on each hand. On the first right hand the ring was reddish and it looked like just a ball of fire. The second right hand and the left hand had the same design for a ring. It was a solid blue circle with a white dot in the middle.
A man had just come to power as the ruler of the area. I don’t remember the dialog but it seemed like I went and “got advice” and then came back and killed the man and I was yelling at everyone about being remembered. The fight was long and I cut off quite a few heads. I said something about “Those who will live on after this day will relate the story of when a child-knight killed the king and all of his men. I will be remembered forever.” Not a direct quote from what I remember but it was something like that. There was also another of the kings men who had a long gash in his neck from where I had cut him who was telling people how I would be remembered forever. He had black curly hair and a small- medium sized mustache. His armor was in the English style. The sections on the cloak that covered the mail were red and yellow but I forget what pictures were on them. When I was done yelling I went to one man who was kneeling in fright and wrote on his forehead “writing” in white and said that he would serve as a reminder also. The man smiled because he thought he was important.
The dream ended with me, dressed as I was when I fought all the kings men, in armor and clad with sword standing across from the reptilian creature and he was holding up the rings standing still across the fire.


The first it seemed there were two of us working together. I mean that one was me and I was working with someone and we were looking for the body of a dead black girl. We knew that she was dead but just not where.
It also seemed like there was someone else with us part of the time. While we were looking we spent a lot of time in this complex. It was like an underground parking garage but it had been partially converted into living space.
At one point there was a green piece of string in my room and my companion told me not to touch it because it was an adder. But I wanted the string, not the snake so I picked it up and my intention was just to cut off it’s head and keep the string but every time I tried to cut it’s head off the siscors I was using kept catching of some part of my clothing and I couldn’t snip it without cutting my clothing. My jeans were too thick to cut through anyway. At one point I had my thumb and index finger of my left hand pincing its neck right behind it’s head but the neck kept getting longer and it was almost like time slowed down for a while and then it bit my middle finger on the right hand, and it really hurt.
Then it was kind of black for a while but then we were running down a hall way because, either we were being chased or were chasing someone. We got to the end of the hallway where an elevator took us back down to the car garage. Everything looked normal but in the corner the T.V. was on and it was like there was a camera coming out of a floodlight and the T.V. showed us standing there. All of a sudden a group of people came out of the door next to the T.V. and then it was like they were going to try and kill us, and that was definitely the impression I got from all of them but then one of them was holding a blue tote semi filled with water. Inside it was the body of the girl but it wasn’t a whole body. There were some clothes inside as well but the girl seemed to be 2D and only her head and shoulders were there.
My compaion told the company of people that “Yes that’s the girl” and they all filed out.

After this I believe I woke up for a while and briefly spoke to my brother and drank some water and then slept again and had this dream.

It started were standing in what used to be a mall but it felt older and the stuff lying around was WAY older than any mall. It was almost as if a delapitaded mall and an Aztec ruin had been fuzed together.
There were a host of people, but I can’t remember how many but there were not more than 15 all tolled. We were standing in shock looking at a pool of water and someone said “the snow melted on his father” and we all looked at the person who had just lost their parent and he said “oh not again” and he got scared and ran away. I jumped in the water and it gets a little fuzzy for a while and it seems like I was swimming with someone who was about to betray me but in the end stayed behind in the water and it was like he could breath the water and there were others like him down in the water.
I started to get away and then there were others in the water with me and we were all trying to get away but it seemed like the reason we went into the water was to get some kind of treasure.
We all surfaced but I went back down because I saw some kind of box on a shelf that we needed for some reason. I grabbed it. Then as we were, once again, standing looking at the water it was like someone flew overhead and told us that we had wasted the chance to get the treasure and I was holding the box and thought “No, I have the box, we can come back again and find it elsewhere.” The box was somewhat shaped like the picture shown below

But it was made of stone and the two halves on the top opened and looked down on another piece that was very hard to describe.

It looked down upon a rounded rectangle with a snake in it.

Kind of like the picture shown but it had more squares on the grid. Each square in the grid could be pressed down and the snake is represented, starting with the triangle as the head. The bold circles represent twigs that were pressed down holding the snake in place. When I pulled out the rear one, the snake’s tail uncoiled from around it.
When I was swimming back to the surface I looked down at the floor in the water and there was a steel grate that was circular, about a foot in circumference and as I was about to break the surface the top half started to peel away from the floor.
When I was back on the ground with my companions it was like the dream ended with us watching the thing or person flying away but we were all feeling fairly good because everything was going to be alright.

#3 1/12/2007
We were standing on a hill and there were groups of two races on either side. The commander of one of the sides had just died, and I stepped foreward, even though I was on the opposing side and said I would lead them. There were two other people standing in the middle, between the two groups. One was the other commander and one was, or I thought was, the devil. He said to me, “FOLLOW” and walked off over another hill and I followed him. As we walked away it was like someone else was watching. The “evil” side of beings, had all strung bows and killed many of the other side. The “evil” beings were like humanoid pigs that walked upright but had more boarish tusks. The other beings were a lot like humans but taller and most had long blonde hair. Very elegant, is all that I can think of to describe them. Even as they died, they seemed to fall with grace.

We started fencing and he bested me, although he was not better than me. I tried to kick him but he took a hold of my foot and he tried to break it. He then said to me “If you are crippled, you cannot go back.” I turned so that he could not but he still held my leg. He tried multiple times to break my ancle foot and knee but could not. Then he said something along the lines of “I haven’t been waitng 3000 years for you to be so limber that I cannot break your leg.”

About my fight with the devil I remember that even though my strikes and attacks were better than his, every time I was close enough, and tried to stab in the heart, it was like it slid off of his chest or he slid his sword and there was some kind of magnetic that parried my sword away.
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a few dreams to share
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