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Come here to speak about anything on your mind. For indigos or earth angels of any ages. This is a sancturary for anyone who feels... different.
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 Forum Rules...

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PostSubject: Forum Rules...   Sun Jan 14, 2007 10:24 am

Ok, I've taken a while, but I decided that I really did need rules, sadly...

So... I don't actually like rules much, and this is pretty much the sort of place where we can say anything and be accepted for it, but still, there are SOME things I need to go over.

1. Everyone does get accepted. This is meant to be a place for everyone to be able to freely express themselves, and while this means that opinions may sometimes conflict, I do expect everyone here to, if we must argue, and everyone needs to argue at some point, we can't live without controversy, but we can argue without having the maturity levels of 5 year olds.

2. Whats said on this forum stays on the forum. I don't want anyone, especially some of my friends who have found this site through me to think that they can't express themselves because other people who know us might see it. If they break this trust, and they are a guy, I shall whack them very hard where it will hurt the most... If they know me enough for me to do this to them, they would know I'd actually do it too

3. No obscenity. I don't mind swearing, unless its meant in a huful and vindictive manner, so you can swear all you like here. No pornographic images or anything of the sort, you all know what I mean by this.

Basically, just respect each other. And go nuts, talk about whatever you want, plan to overthrow the government, I don't CARE! (besides, it needs to be done, )
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Forum Rules...
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