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Come here to speak about anything on your mind. For indigos or earth angels of any ages. This is a sancturary for anyone who feels... different.
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PostSubject: Well.   Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:06 am

As a couple of people know, I have become a whole new person since I started this site. And, in the same way, I'm right back where I started...

Like, Ezack (from here) was my friend.
Jas was my friend.
Kelly was my friend. (He was also on here, I forgot his username)

And countless other people, who don't frequent such websites. Then I decided that these friends were 'inappropriate', and I needed different ones. That didn't exactly work out too well, considering the new 'friends' completely ignored me.

I got a girlfriend, during this time.

She dumped me.
I had to tell Mum and Dad that I'm not exactly straight.

Moped around for a couple of months.

Went back to aforementioned people.

And now I feel GREAT. Everything is going right, and I understand SO much more than I did. I feel like my life is on track again, and I've gotten through all that depression shit, and everything is just working again. Very Happy

Moral: The right thing always happens. You're on your path for a reason. Smile
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