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 The Universal Balance as viewed by me

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Efreb Fedab


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PostSubject: The Universal Balance as viewed by me   Thu Jan 11, 2007 6:12 am

I would like to start my posting by offering my view of the balance of Light.

When we think of light many automatically think of the bright shining Light. Pure white being the ultimate source of Power.
When we think about Dark we think of Darkness in which we cannot see. That clouds us. Also when we try to talk about Balance alot of people say that we need Fear to Balance out the Love and Light in the Universe. This is not true.
The Balance I see is between Order and Chaos. Order being white Light and Chaos black Light. Thats right BLACK LIGHT.
We live in a world controlled by Fear. Fear to me is like a black liquidy smog which clouds our vision and blocks the Light.
Now we also live in a world where Order reigns and any sign of Chaos can send the world into panic. This because like Fear it is a dark energy, but not in the "evil" or "bad" way like Fear.
When you go from a room which is really brightly lit into a room which is pitch black you cant see a thing at first but over time you can see everything very clearly. This is like Chaos. Because we live in a world run by Order when we go into Chaos we cant see properly so we try our hardest to bring things back to Order. We then associate any thing dark with Fear.
I beleive that we need to be able to understand that both Order and Chaos make up the ultimate power known of as Light. White and Black Light.
I came to this when an old friend named Thanatos came to visit. At first I was put of by his dark energy but then I grew to understand it. He is a keeper of Chaos. He talked to me about this and I have also had conversations with others about it since.

These are my views. i hope they make sense. I would be glad to discuss it further with anyone who wishes and to point you in the direction of Chaotic beings whom are all very glad to discuss this.
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PostSubject: Re: The Universal Balance as viewed by me   Thu Jan 11, 2007 8:02 am

But then, technically, isn't it all balanced anyway? But its not good... I mean, the world at the moment isn't good... But theres darkness and light... And it seems terrible...

I dont know, lol, I'm jsut confused. : confused Question
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PostSubject: Re: The Universal Balance as viewed by me   Thu Feb 01, 2007 3:07 pm

There's dark and light but it's not as black and white as that. This is just my opinion of course, but this is how I have come think of it: there's also grey. Grey is the point of union between black and white, light and dark meet in shadow. The world is the way it is because even though it seems balanced, everyone is living at two polar ends. Extreme light. Extreme darkness. So they can't get along. But even the extreme light has some dark tendencies...they just try to pass it off as light or sweep in under the rug. Its the compromise between extremes that causes the problems wherease staying away from the extremes (like in the Buddhist veiw of the Middle Path) is where the balance is. Ancient peoples understood fact Satan didn't start out as a bad old beliefs he was an aspect of aspect of order not chaos, and they believed God to be chaos. Chaos is necessary...order can only arise out of chaos but order is finite, chaos is infinite. And even though order seems to reign I think there's nothing but chaos beneath the facade of that order. You can never eliminate chaos. That's why your ordinary Joe Shmoe at school was good at gives people a constant. Except math isn't a constant at all under the surface. Your views totally make sense to me. This is a needed topic to understand Light.
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PostSubject: Re: The Universal Balance as viewed by me   

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The Universal Balance as viewed by me
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